Electrical Safety 

Did you know every householder in NSW has a legal responsibility to keep their home safe, including the way it uses electricity? Or, that if you own or run a business you are responsible for the electrical safety of employees and everyone else on your premises?​

Too many properties in Sydney and New South Wales are living at risk. There have been a countless number incidents that have occurred over the last few decades that have originated from electrical hazards within a household residence, office, factory, or depot.


These electrical faults throughout a dwelling are all preventable and can minimise the potential risk of fatality if overseen and rectified properly.

When people talk about electricity, there will always be a sense of danger and electrocution, the importance of our Australian standards is to make sure that electricity is handled properly and in a safe manner preventing any kinds of unsafe scenario's.

About Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical safety inspections should be carried out by a licensed electrician to make sure the conditions of the wiring, connections and electrical apparatus are up to standards and are safe.


Across Australia, industry estimates show that 15 people are killed and about 300 seriously injured each year in avoidable electrical accidents in homes. Only RCDs protect a persons life from earth fault electric shocks.

If your residential or commercial dwelling is 10+ years old then an electrical safety inspection would be highly recommended. If the building is within 10 years of age then an electrical safety inspection would not be needed but still be recommended to make sure the safety of the property is overlooked.

What are the benefits of an electrical safety inspection?

  • Possible reduction in insurance premiums

  • Limits risk for landlords, home owners

  • Limits risk for real estate agents and property managers

  • Rules out higher risk in potential harm caused to infants/toddlers

  • The clarity in knowing whats going on with the wiring at your property 

  • Peace of mind knowing your safety is up to standards by a licensed electrician

Why Oztech Sparks?

Let us be your guardian angels in the electrical world...

We at Oztech Sparks Electrical have seen it all, from the burnt charcoal wiring caused by an overload on an unprotected circuit to the removal of earth bonding from a house and the exposed live parts of wiring or connections up in a roof. 

Our honest and reliable team of electricians have been trained in line with the purpose of the business to give value in each one of our jobs. 


Our inspections will be done to the Australian Standards AS/NZS Wiring Rules AS3000 and the safety of our customers has and always will be our number one priority. 

Our service and reliability can be counted on, safety should never be messed with and at Oztech Sparks we are firm believers in that.


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