Electrical Home and Office Security Systems

Nine out of ten times out a burglary attack will not take place if the area perimeter has been secured with alarm system and/or CCTV cameras.​


Safety and security for the home and work place is only becoming more and more popular with today’s increase in crime rate and advancement in technology.

There may sometimes be that moment of hesitation leaving the office with your colleagues feeling a bit of un-easement about how secure the place is, only to come back the next day with the workplace disrupted.


It is always expected for an office or workplace environment to have its security up to standards and a MUST, but why have families gone easy on not securing their own homes with their own personal belongings and living?

Usually families leave the house in a rush not thinking that there may be a chance of a home attack happening. When it does happen it catches everyone by surprise giving the hard lump feeling in the back of your throat knowing you could have done something to prevent it.

Don’t let that be a possibility anymore. The saying has always been mentioned "it is better to be SAFE than sorry". At Oztech Sparks Electrical we have installed every type of security system imaginable, for homes and the workplace, knowing that our last impression is to have the customer feeling safe and secure.​

Security and peace of mind for the home and office

Rosslare System Keypad and Doorstrike For a Home

Have you ever seen those prestige style houses with an updated technology system that is just screaming out FUTURISTIC? Have a Rosslare System Keypad to unlock your front door for your home or office installed today. 


It saves all the hassle of finding your keys through your bag or car and is as simple as punching in 1 of the many codes programmed in to unlock your house. 

Intercom Systems with unlock door strike functions 

Security and safety around the home or office can be guaranteed through installations of the typical intercom system. Having a door station at your front door with a camera and microphone can allow the person on the other side to see and communicate with whoever is at the door.

These systems can also be wired and commissioned to be linked to include CCTV surveillance accessible at the touch of the screen. Check out this 2 unit intercom installed allowing a door strike to be unlocked from the intercom itself.

CCTV Systems

With advancements shown in the past years in security, surveillance has been a popular one to stand out to the customer’s eye. Oztech sparks have always been sure to stay on top of all new and modern Camera CCTV surveillance systems as well as teaching the customer how to use it to their complete benefit. 


Surveillance systems today can be interlinked to the Home / Office Alarm System, Intercom Systems and can even be viewed on your phone or tablet anywhere around the world over IP. 

Back To Base Alarms Systems

Everyone in today's day and age is likely to be familiar with the traditional alarm system, a security system put in place to protect the home or office by releasing a loud siren ALERT when an intruder triggers a positioned sensor or reed switch at a window / door. 


At Oztech Sparks we like to use leading brand alarms systems like BOSCH and RISCO with simple easy-to-use technology to cater to the customer's convenience. Our specialised techs will talk the customer through and explain the system in full, until it is understood. We will also have it all supplied installed and programmed at an affordable price.

Our alarm systems can be connected over IP or GSM to have a direct link to contact your phone, family or friends in case of an emergency. Our alarm packages can also enable you to arm and disarm the premises through remotes that can be hung on keys or EVEN over your phone if connected through IP.


Talk to us today on how we can install an alarm system specified to YOUR home / office and have it programmed to maintain the highest level of security to cater for you.

Base alarms systems