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Fault Finding & Diagnosis

Did you know that every property owner in NSW has a legal responsibility to keep their home safe, including the way it uses electricity? Or, that if you own or run a business, you are responsible for the electrical safety of employees and everyone else on your premises?​

​Across Australia, industry estimates show that each year, there are about 15 casualties and 300 serious injuries caused by avoidable electrical accidents. You can prevent your home or business from dangerous electrical mishaps by getting an inspection from a licensed electrician. This is to make sure that your wirings, connections, and electrical apparatus are up to standards and are safe.

What can we do?

Oztech Spark Electrical provides comprehensive electrical fault finding solutions and safety inspections in Greater Sydney and Illawarra - and we do it right! We do our work in compliance with Australian Electrical Standards and we ensure that your electrical system is handled properly, preventing any kind of unsafe scenarios or future hazards.


What are the benefits of an electrical safety inspection?

  • ​Possible reduction in insurance premiums

  • Limits risk for landlords and homeowners

  • Limits risk for real estate agents and property managers

  • Rules out higher risk in potential harm caused to infants/toddlers

  • The clarity in knowing what’s going on with the wiring at your property 

  • Peace of mind knowing that your property is free from electrical hazards

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Oztech Sparks Electrical is reputable for being honest, reliable, and professional. When it comes to all things related to fault finding and electrical safety, you can count on our highly trained, qualified team to get our job done as quickly and safely as possible, without compromising on quality. Above all, we work quick, quiet, and clean – we will treat your property like our own!

Experience the Oztech Spark

Our experienced team of electricians has seen it all, from burnt charcoal wirings caused by an overload on an unprotected circuit to exposed live parts of wiring up in a roof. Our inspections will be done in line with Australian Standards (AS/NZS Wiring Rules AS3000) and the safety of our customers has and always will be our number one priority.



Call us at 1300-OZTECH any time of the day, any day of the week. We are available 24/7!


Book our team or request us immediately for emergencies. We're always on-time.


Leave the work to us. We’ll work quick, quiet, and clean while you attend to other important matters.

Wes and Jaidyn did a wonderful job solving our antenna problem, enabling the family to view their favourite TV programs during lockdown. The addition of down lights in the eaves at the front of the house have added value and visibility to the house, increasing security.



Still not convinced?

We’ve been providing high-quality electrical and security services to Greater Sydney and Illawarra for over 10 years. Our services, which come with complete transparency and upfront pricing, are backed by our lifetime workmanship guarantee. Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons why in choosing us, you know you’re in good company:


  • We are a Local Business Awards finalist in 2021.

  • We are a proud member of the Master Electricians Association.

  • We are trusted by over 2,000 customers and hundreds of businesses across Greater Sydney and Illawarra.

  • We clean as we go and we clean very well. We wear boot protectors to keep your home or business free of dirt and debris.

  • We keep you well informed about the work we’re doing and educate you on electrical safety as well as how to operate installations and fixtures.

  • We pay high attention to details and use no shortcuts.







No accidents when you know safety!

Get one step ahead of electrical problems by letting us help you maintain the electrical safety and integrity of your property. Call us on 1300 698 324 or fill out the form for a free, no-obligation quote on our services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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