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6 Smart Commercial Lighting Tips for Business Owners

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Getting the proper lighting for your business involves careful consideration and planning. When installing lighting and other fixtures in commercial spaces, there are many factors to consider, such as: ensuring you provide adequate lighting, creating the right ambience for your space, the aesthetics of your installation, enabling smart lighting, economical lighting, and the safety of the installation.

Whether you’re looking to set up a lighting system for a whole building or add new lighting fixtures to an existing shop or office, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Go for Energy-Efficient Lighting

Businesses across different industries are investing in LED lights because of their effectiveness, long life, and functional benefits. However, we can’t stress enough how smart it will be to do the same if you consider traditional light bulbs. First, LEDs are incredibly efficient, using only 2.5 watts to produce output compared to the 15 watts used by regular bulbs. Secondly, LED lights are more durable and ideal for commercial spaces in indoor and outdoor settings.

2. Explore Your Lighting Options

If you’re planning to add new lighting fixtures to your space or building, plenty of options are available.

Low bay lights are great for areas with ceilings that go from 12 to 20 feet high. They contain diffusers that allow light to be distributed evenly throughout a room. Meanwhile, high bay lights are great for rooms with much higher ceilings as they can cast light into areas that other lighting fixtures cannot reach.

If you have a small store, LED troffers are perfect. These ambient lights fit into a ceiling grid, so your customers’ attention will not be diverted looking at them. For commercial outdoor lighting, area lights are the way to go. These fixtures cast light over a wide area, making them great for outdoor spaces like driveways and parking lots. You can also install floodlights on your walls to illuminate doors and ramps.

Consult a lighting expert to see what fixtures work best for your structure and unique needs.

3. Take Advantage of Smart Lighting Features

With today’s modern technology, business owners have commercial lighting options that come with a wide range of smart features, including:

  • Scheduled times to automatically switch on and off

  • Easy dimming

  • Motion sensors

  • Changing colours and colour temperatures

  • Lower energy use

These smart features can significantly impact your commercial lighting system’s efficiency. But, of course, different spaces and areas need other lighting systems, so choose one with the features you need to create the best environment for your staff and customers.

4. Know Where Your Lights Will Go

When it comes to commercial lighting setups, it’s beneficial to design them so that you can cast light with as few fixtures as possible. So, be strategic about where to have your lights installed. For example, in a storage room, you may only need one or two. For a closet, you can place one lighting fixture in the centre of the ceiling enough to have evenly distributed light. In areas where you need multiple lights, check how far the light in each one will reach. Your goal should be to place them strategically to cover all dark areas.

5. Evaluate the Right Amount of Brightness

Your lighting fixtures’ brightness capacity is also a factor that needs consideration. If your lights are too dim, it can strain your staff and customers. But don’t go and get the brightest lightbulbs you can find. Extra bright lights can also be frustrating!

BONUS TIP: When buying new lightbulbs, always check the lumens first. You need a few dozen lumens for every square foot of your commercial space. If your business is something that handles materials like nails, screws, and other small parts, you may need more lumens.

6. Don't Forget About the Appeal

Good lighting can do wonders to your store or workspace’s aesthetics. When done right, your commercial lighting can easily enhance the appearance of your facility. For office settings, having a correctly designed lighting system can help create a relaxing and exciting environment for you and your staff.

If you operate a physical store, consider the ambience and aesthetic of your lighting. Designing your system with purpose and brand in mind can help attract customers, set the mood, and provide a memorable experience. As competition in all types of industries continues to grow, aesthetic lighting is an effective strategy you can take advantage of to wow your customers. Using sophisticated lighting techniques in your facility is a fantastic way to be a step ahead of the competition.


As a commercial property owner or manager, you want a lighting system that is efficient, eco-friendly and comes with all the right features and functions for your business space. Hire a licensed electrician to design and install the right lighting system for you. And you don’t need to look any further because you’re already here. Our talented lighting technicians at Oztech Sparks Electrical can help you with your lighting needs in the safest, smartest, and most secure way possible.

Contact us at or call us on 1300 698 324.

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