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6 Things to Look For When Choosing an Electrician

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

One of the most important (but often disregarded) responsibilities of maintaining a space is choosing a reliable electrician. You probably won’t realise this just yet, but your electrician will play a major role in keeping your home or building functional and safe. At some point, you will find yourself calling and asking for their help.

With this, it is important to find a trustworthy and reliable electrician. Making a choice can be a little overwhelming if you’re not sure what to look for. To help you out with that, we’ve come up with a checklist of all the things you need to keep a close eye on when choosing your electrician.

1. License

This may come as a no-brainer but we feel the need to emphasise this. The first thing you have to do when choosing a professional electrician is a background check.

Are they licensed? If yes, is it current? A license guarantees that a contractor has gone through the necessary steps to ensure their capability to perform a correct and safe electrical job. Nowadays, this can be easily done by checking a contractor’s website and other online channels.

2. Experience

Experience is a very good factor to measure an electrician’s ability to handle different types of electrical needs. We at Oztech Sparks Electrical have been in business since 2014, with a combined experience of over 25 years, we’ve proudly handled electrical works of varying scales—from residential to commercial to industrial. So if you are looking for an all-around electrician, we are undoubtedly the right team for your job!

3. Insurance

Another important thing to look for in a reliable electrician is insurance coverage. Do this to protect yourself from unnecessary costs and headaches in the future. So don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of your contractor’s insurance certificate. A trustworthy electrician has this kind of information readily available. Our Company is insured up to $20 million and has the right Workers Compensation in place to cover our team.

4. Feedback

Reading previous customer reviews is the best way to validate a contractor’s reliability. In today’s digital world, you can easily do this by checking the electrician’s website, google and social media pages. Knowing that other customers have had a positive experience with that contractor is a telling sign of trustworthiness.

5. Communication

Your aim is to find an electrician who you can trust to take care of your space for a long, long time. With this in mind, you have to choose someone who communicates well and does everything to ensure your needs as a customer are satisfied.

Do they respond reasonably fast on your inquiries? Are they easy to talk to? These may not seem like critical factors now but will definitely save you from future headaches.

6. Availability

Not all contractors operate round the clock. But it is comforting to know that you have someone who you can call anytime whenever the need arises. If an electrician works 24/7 to answer your needs, that’s an absolute good sign!

Your Trusted Electrical Contractor

We here at Oztech Sparks Electrical ticks all the items on this checklist. Trusted by home, space, and building owners, we are always excited to serve new clients from all across Greater Sydney and the Illawarra region. Need help from a reliable electrician? Get a FREE quote now.

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