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Unlocking the Secrets of Intrusion Zone Alarm Systems

Keeping our homes and businesses safe is essential as home or business owners. But, sometimes what is valuable to us isn’t kept inside the premises. That's why we help our clients set up and use the Intrusion Zone feature in our CCTV systems.

When a CCTV camera is installed on your property, the surveillance system will do just that–watch and record. The CCTV systems that Oztech Sparks Security installs come with an advanced smart feature called Intrusion Zones (or Detection Zones), which can be customised based on the layout and security needs of the property.

You set these zones to monitor and trigger a specific area if activity is detected. For example, you may set an intrusion zone around your car when parked on the driveway or street, or even by entry points such as windows, doors, and gates.

Intrusion Zones

Think of Intrusion zones as areas around your home or business with a wide range of sensors. If intruders step into this area, It’ll notify you right away, It's like having a guard that never sleeps, watching over your place. But how do they function in deterring potential intruders?

By dividing the property into these zones, the intrusion alarm system can pinpoint the exact location of a potential security breach. This enables faster action by security or police if there's an intrusion. Additionally, having multiple zones ensures that if one area is compromised, the rest of the property remains protected.

Active Deterrence Cameras

These cameras do more than simply capture footage. Active Deterrence Cameras have lights and sounds that turn on if they spot someone on the property. This approach causes potential intruders to reconsider their actions, often leading them to retreat. But how exactly does it function?

Intrusion alarm systems use optical sensors like motion detectors to monitor activity within each zone. When a motion sensor is triggered, the alarm system is activated, alerting the property owner or monitoring company of a possible intrusion. This real-time notification allows for immediate action to be taken to address the security threat.

Active Deterrence Cameras

Red and Blue Lights

These lights, especially the blue ones, mark the secure areas around your property, setting clear boundaries. If these zones detect motion, an intruder is trying to sneak in, and the lights switch from blue to flashing red. This change signals a clear warning an intruder is attempting to enter the premises. This visual alert scares off potential trespassers and signals to you and authorities that your space is being compromised.

Red and Blue Lines

Empowerment Through Remote Monitoring

In today’s digital age, managing your property’s security should be straightforward and adaptable to your lifestyle. This is where remote monitoring comes into play. With the capability to have access, control and view your security system via a smartphone app, you’re empowered to oversee your property and any person's safety from any location, ensuring that your business or home remains secure, no matter where you are.

Staying Ahead with Real-Time Alerts

The true power of an Intrusion Alarm System lies in its ability to provide real-time alerts. These instant notifications, sent directly to your phone, ensure you are always informed of breaches within your Intrusion Zones. The speed and convenience of these features allow for rapid response and action, potentially averting damage or theft.

Motion Detect

Overall, intrusion zones are crucial to any security system, providing a layered approach to protecting your property. By understanding how these zones work and implementing them effectively, you can enhance the safety and security of your business or home. Trust Oztech Sparks Security to help you design and install a customised intrusion alarm system that meets your specific security needs.

We aim to deliver a full-range security solution for your business and home. Incorporating advanced features like active deterrence cameras, remote monitoring, instant alerts, and tailored security solutions puts you at the forefront of safeguarding your premises. Our approach goes beyond mere reaction—it's about proactive prevention, readiness, and ensuring your peace of mind.

For more information about our intrusion systems or for technical support, contact Oztech Sparks Security today on 1300 698 324 or email us at

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